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Building quicklime digestion speed thermos

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The quicklime digestion speed thermos bottle is developed according to the JC/T478.1-92 "Physical Test Method for Building Quicklime Test Method", which is used to determine the time required for the maximum temperature and temperature to start to reach the highest temperature. The time is the speed of digestion.
Technical parameters: bottle length 162mm: bottle diameter: 61mm; mouth inner diameter: 28mm: capacity: 200mL; the top cover with a white rubber plug, drilled into the thermometer at the center of the plug. Quicklime digestion speed equipment: long tail mercury thermometer: range 150 ° C; stopwatch; electronic balance: weighing 100g, index value 0.1g glass cylinder: 50mL test procedure: check the thermos cap and thermometer device, the lower end of the thermometer should be guaranteed Can be inserted into the middle of the sample. After the inspection, 20 mL of distilled water of 20 ± 1 ° C was added to the thermos flask. Weigh 10g of sample, accurate to 0.2g, pour into the water of the thermos bottle, immediately start the stopwatch, cover the lid, gently shake the thermos several times, count from the sample into the water, read every 30s One temperature; close to the end point, carefully observe, record the time to reach the highest temperature and temperature begins to fall, to reach the highest temperature is the digestion rate (in min). Taking the arithmetic mean of the two measurements as a result, the calculation results retain two decimal places.