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New breakthroughs in urban comprehensive pipe gallery construction technology

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Recently, at the construction site of the comprehensive pipe gallery project of the B section of Chengdu North Reconstruction Line under the construction of CCB II, with the successful expansion of the special boring machine for the pipe gallery, the first ring underground pipe gallery of the prefabricated parts is assembled into a ring. This marks the birth of a new underground integrated pipe gallery construction technology for the first time in China using the integrated prefabrication and roadheader assembly construction, and promoted the urban integrated pipe gallery construction into the modular era.
It is understood that the prefabrication rate of the main structure of the integrated pipe gallery of the project can reach 100%, and the five patents independently developed by the China Communications Second Aviation Administration around the structure, equipment and engineering methods are adopted.
The new integrated pipe gallery innovation adopts the “horsehoe shape” section structure, which is more reasonable than the traditional rectangular section structure. Not only the structural size of the component is smaller, but also the vertical partition wall can be used to realize the double warehouse and the double warehouse. Sancang is conducive to the industrialization of prefabricated production of segments. The new integrated pipe joint is sealed with water-stopping rubber and designed for a service life of 100 years. The weight of the pipe trunk is 40% lighter than that of the traditional rectangular segment prefabricated pipe gallery structure, which greatly reduces the restrictions and costs of transportation installation.
At the same time, the prefabricated assembled underground gallery double-mode roadheader is also used for the first time in China. It draws on the technical principles of shield and pipe jacking construction, integrating soil excavation, moving support, segment installation and backfilling. The equipment can be applied to a depth of 8 meters, which fully meets the requirements of general urban integrated pipe gallery construction. Compared with the traditional foundation pit support, the new equipment and workmanship efficiency is more than doubled, and the construction workers are reduced by more than half. Only the cost of the permanent pit support project can be saved, which can save 5% and greatly reduce construction waste. Road traffic and environmental impact are small, and safety risks are also greatly reduced.
With the three-pronged approach of new structure, new equipment and new construction methods, the new integrated pipe gallery technology of CCCC II realized the rapid assembly of the factory's flow-through prefabrication and mechanization, and filled the blank of the assembly of the assembled pipe-type assembly in China. It breaks through the traditional high efficiency of construction, high cost and great traffic impact. It conforms to the development direction of intelligent construction and green environmental protection in the construction industry, and has promoted the progress of assembly engineering technology for underground engineering. Construction has an innovative impact.